an installation by David Bergé
with photos from
Charles-Édouard Jeanneret and August Klipstein, 1911
copyright photos Fondation Le Corbusier
3 synchronized digital projections, dimentions variable, 20 min, looped

In 1911, August Klipstein and Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, who would later be known as the architect Le Corbusier, undertook a journey to the east and south of Europe. One set of documents remaining from this journey are 286 photographs. Shot with hand-held cameras, these photographs belong to a journey of self-discovery and document changing territories.

The Voyage Piece is a spacial installation, showing the entire set of photographs of the journey, projected in three parallel loops. Physically removed from the archival context and shown in their totality, the series of images transforms from an intimate document of an author to being the carrier of important questions concerning phenomenology of photography.

The Voyage Piece collects, projects and introduces a temporality to these photographs.

click here for exhibition text by Federico De Matteis

presented at

-Gare Bruxelles Congres, dec 12-14, 2014 

hosted by Etablissement d'en Face and Recyclart, Brussels

-Contemporary Art Center (CAC) Vilnius, august 13, 2015

with the support of the Flemish Authorities
and residency support from Quo2 and STUK
technical direction: Gaia Carabillo and Ludo Engels
acknowledgements: Elke Krasny, Tülay Atak, Stephane Damsin, Federico De Matteis and Carlos Lopez

glassplate in the archive of Bibliothèque de la ville, la Chaux-de-Fonds (CH), photo David Bergé

installation views brussels, photos by Kristien Daem: