Prototype-walk took place on September 5, 11, 13, 16 at 6:15 AM as part of a group exhibition at art center Maison Particulière (2011-2017). The prototype-walk consisted of two guided walks taking place simultaneously but independently. Over the course of 100 minutes, 6 audience members did walk in silence in a carefully chosen trajectory through the city. Rather than depicting a place and bringing it into the museum space, Bergé's Walk Pieces extended the exhibition experience into a wider site and time specific experience in the urban space, outside the art center. A Walk Piece was created especially for the occasion of the exhibition and 4 prototype-walks took place during the three weeks the exhibition was on view. After each the prototype-walk took place, a certificate was signed by its participants and exhibited in the group exhibition.

guides: Eglė Budvytytė & David Bergé
graphic design: Goda Budvytytė
hosted by Maison Particulière
thanks to Marie-Pascale Gildemyn