A Walk Piece by David Bergé guided by Nadia Tsulukidze, 100 min, in silence.
Presented as part of group exhibition 8x8 The Future That Never Happened taking place from July 20-30, 2016
Curator: Nini Palavandishvili
Participating artists: David Bergé, Yip Kai Chun, Iza Tarasewicz

Throughout the spring of 2016, David Bergé was one of the 3 artists invited by GeoAIR to make a work in response to the current state and condition of the Tbilisi Chess Palace. The Chess Palace was conceived in 1972 and dedicated to Nona Gaprindashvili, Georgian chess player and first female champion of the Soviet Union. 

As a response to the building today, David Bergé made Tbilisi Walk, a silent Walk Piece of 100 minutes that took place once a day throughout the duration of the exhibition.