may 26 + 27 + 28, 2010
5:30 AM
2:30 PM
5:30 PM
90 min, Vienna
Guides: David Bergé & Satu Herrala

The walking guide presses down the handle of the door to the playground. It cannot be opened yet. It’s too early in the day. The group met in front of Mariahilfer Kirche. It set out quietly at a time when the city was waking from its sleep. Together they circle the play- ground. Exactly when they are crossing the street the park attendant drives up in her car and takes out the key. Did someone order her appearance, or did the choreography of chance take care of this exact timing?   
--Elke Krasny, participant. excerpt from a review published in corpusweb

february 10, 2012
6:30 AM, RE-visit
90 min, Vienna
Guide: David Bergé

I had the privilege to join in on a revisit of a Walk Piece David had organized through the inner city of Vienna. In the early hours of a bitingly cold winter day, the city miraculously opened up as we crossed courtyards, narrow backstreets, passages and parking lots, and the path even lead us through a private apartment cramped up with curiosa. During this silent walk where five participants were allowed, a very salient experience was being built up. The act of intensely looking and closely observing, the consciousness of one’s own body, and its inherent scale and comfort zone, as well as the sensation of trespassing melted into a hybrid state of mind where photography, performance, architecture and tourism all played their part. 
--Geert Goiris, participant.

presented by TanzQuartier Wien

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