Summer Limited
2018 — catalogue text by Enna Bae

Some Notes on the Work of David Bergé
2017 — catalogue text by Laura Herman

What Remains Is Future
2017 — catalogue text by Yasmina Reggad

Practicing Photography without taking pictures
2017 — thesis by David Bergé (abstract).

Fragile City
2015 — response by Alexis Destoop

Fragile City
2015 — review by Pieter Van Bogaert in H ART

The Cape Cod Loop
2015 — exhibition text by Zac Rose

The Cocktail Piece
2014 — exhibition text by Jana Johanna Haeckl

Manhattan Walk
2013 — response by Tülay Atak

2012 — review by Christophe Van Gerrewey in Metropolis M